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We work with world-leading researchers in the UK and internationally to develop and improve arts and health policy globally.

With the WHO we have published several major international reports and briefings on arts and health. We work closely with the UK government and Arts Councils, US Arts & Public Health policy network, and support policy work across Europe. We are also working with the United Nations, United Cities and Local Governments and UNESCO. We established and continue to support the MARCH Mental Health Research network, which links arts with other social and community engagement, funding research, delivering policy activity and supporting collaborations.

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Arts & Health Policy Mapping Tool

Use this tool to explore over 175 arts and health policy documents from around the world

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The arts in public health policy: progress and opportunities

Read examples of arts and health policy development from a range of government areas

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WHO Health Evidence Network synthesis report 

What is the evidence on the role of the arts in improving health and well-being? A scoping review 

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Arts, Culture & the Brain: A literature review and new epidemiological analyses

What brain-based mechanisms of action can link arts engagement to health?

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IFS Deaton Review: non-traditional adult risk factors and social inequalities in health

A commentary on adult experiences, multimorbidty, and psychological well-being

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Report on Patient Activation Measure and social prescribing

A cross-sectional analysis of Patient Activation Measure (PAM) and social prescribing

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WHO Arts and Health: well-being of forcibly displaced people

How can the arts play a role in supporting the mental-wellbeing of forcibly displaced people? 

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Intersectoral action: the arts, health and well-being

Synergy between sectors: supporting health through the arts  

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Public Health Panorama

Special issue on arts and health in Public Health Panorama  (WHO/Europe journal) 

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DCMS Evidence summary for policy

The role of arts in improving health and wellbeing 

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Evidence submitted to parliament (Dr Daisy Fancourt)

Inquiry into the social impact of participation in culture and sport


MARCH Mental Health Network

Transforming our understanding of how social, cultural & community assets can support mental health

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Improving Access to the Arts for Mental Health

Evidence of Barriers and Enablers from the MARCH Network

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Arts Council England report

The Role of the Arts during the COVID-19 Pandemic


US Arts & Public Health policy network

EpiArts Lab: A national endowment for the arts research lab